What is it?

After purchasing the boat we found this item on it and have no idea what it is for. We need your help if you know what this is?  We’re not sure if it is even meant for the boat.

What is it?
Here are all the parts


We’ve asked around the marina and no one seems to have an answer.  Below is another photo of it assembled.

It’s not very big as you can see by the size comparison of the Captain’s flip phone.  (Yes, we still have archaic “dumb” phones.  But even people with smart ones don’t seem to have an answer.)

Not a very big item, but an odd item


There are no markings on it but it came with this drawing.  The drawing doesn’t have a description or name for it either.


web 4

If you know what it is contact us and let us know.  It’s a puzzle we would like to have solved.

While you are diligently finding an answer to our “What is it?” question ,  I’ve included this photo of a beautiful sunrise from our marina for your viewing pleasure.

Fair Winds!

The Puzzled Boat Wife