What’s it like living on a 35 foot boat?

This is one question we are asked when people hear about our voyage.  It’s a quick question to a long answer and when we think of all the things a person has to keep a house running, it’s different for a boat.

Stateroom Berth is smaller than a full sized bed - Storage underneath -

In a boat, you have to evaluate everything you put into it.  Why?  Because you can’t put too much stuff on them or they’ll sink, especially a small boat like Moorea.

My Galley - Frig is right of stove & under the white covers


Since we lived in a marina, we had no need for gardening supplies.  I didn’t need a large vacuum to clean carpeted rooms.  In these small living quarters, a handheld vacuum replaced the large one and I used a rag to clean the wood floors.

Instead of a large refrigerator, mine was about the size of a large cooler.  So I would shop for food more often.

I didn’t have a walk-in closet, mine was the size of an oversized suitcase.  We only kept on board the clothes we wore and could store our seasonal clothing under our bunk.

That brings up another point for living on the boat.  Every place that had a seat, there was storage space under it.  We kept tools and spare parts for the boats there.  I had shelves I could store my pantry supplies and other galley items.

In regards to two people sharing this limited space.  We grew closer as a couple.  If we got into an argument, there was no place to hide so we had to deal with it.

Now we are living in a small house, we are careful about having too much unnecessary stuff. I feel that if we own too much, it will start owning us.  So we are keeping a minimalist lifestyle and counting down the days until we get back onto a boat.


Kelly Girl

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