Weeks of Leak – Part 3 (The Finale)


Last week in our Weeks of Leaks – Part 2 project, we just needed to paint our final coat on the cap rail.  Which we did.  See the Before and After photos below.


Before - Gray & Weathered Cap Rail

Before – Gray & Weathered Cap Rail

After - Bright White Cap Rail

After – Bright White Cap Rail


Now that the front half of the port side is complete, we started on the aft port side.  This should be finished by the weekend.  Then in the coming weeks we’ll tackle the rest of the boat.


Finishing up the port side

Finishing up the port side

As Boat Wife of this vessel, let me tell you how tired I am of this project.  So next week I am going to start adding a new topic called Around Here.

I got the idea from my sister Nancy in Minnesota.  She has a crafting site & sells hand made cards called Goshery (Check it out, it’s a fun blog) where she highlights the events and happenings in the town we grew up in.  I never new it could be such a fun place until I started reading her blog.

Next week I’ll introduce to you MudBugs!

Until then Fair Winds,

Kelly (Boat Wife)


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