Watching the Weather

As the cold rain beats against the deck while I write this post, it brings home the fact that weather is important on a boat.  Especially a sailboat.

Under sail, weather determines how to set your sails (full sail or reefed sails), what to wear (foulies or shorts)and if you’re going to have a fun ride with a brisk wind or a bumpy ride with high winds and large seas.

When living on the boat weather isn’t as big of a concern (well…unless a hurricane is coming).  To avoid cabin fever, in today’s soggy weather, I will need to put on a rain coat, (no umbrella – the wind will blow it away) and walk with a fast pace to the car located in the parking lot, about a 100 miles away.  (Okay, it’s only a distance of a city block or two but feels like 100 miles in this weather.)

On the boat, when it’s gusty, the boat rocks around from the waves created by the wind.  At night it can be hard to sleep when the rigging whistles from hollowing wind that blows through it.

So you get my point about weather on boat, right?  Great!

Looking up from the cabin to cockpit
Looking up from the cabin to cockpit


Over the years I’ve labeled weather.

Storms are angry

Sunny days are happy

Wind is energetic

Rain is depressing or therapeutic (this depends on my mood)

Fog…well, fog is creepy

Why is fog creepy? When the thick white wall creeps in, sound is muted. Your visibility is limited and everything you pass looks ghost-like.

We all know this.  But when on a boat and you’re caught in fog, it’s better to be at the dock then on a passage in a busy shipping channel…that’s just scary.

Below are some recent photos of our fog covered marina and some without.

Fair (fog free) Winds!

End of our Dock end of dock foggy marina Marina