Turkey’s Motto is “Peace at Home and Peace in the World”

Beating into the wind and waves shortly after we left the Suez Canal,where we escaped the canal pirates (government employees that hit you up for cash and other items they want on the boat), we couldn’t take the beating from the sea any longer.

So we decided to head for Cyprus, just to relax (better word is recover) and wait for lighter winds. We were hailed on VHF channel 16 from the Cyprus Port Control and we requested to stay in the harbor for two nights without officially checking into the country. The response was, as long as we don’t step foot ashore, we could anchor in the harbor for a few days rest.


Nicely recuperated and ready to make our way to Turkey, we landed in Marmaris, a lively town geared towards tourism and fun with an ancient citadel, fused within the city’s shops and restaurants. Finding these weathered stone fortresses & stadiums in many bays and towns was the start of our Roman and Hellenic education in architecture.

Visiting the castle in Bodrum and the once bustling commerce city of Ephesus, history came alive imaging how civilizations of the past prospered.

Bodrum – Castle



Ancient Anchors

Bodrum-Mosque Bodrum-containers

Efes (Ephesus)- An Ancient City

Efes began as a Greek civilization, however the Romans, Byzantines and Turks had also inhabited this city.   Christianity is also present with a legend that Mary, mother of Jesus, was taken here by the Apostle John to live out the remainder of her days.


Efes-AncientEfes-theatre Jul 03 2008 120



Jul 03 2008 105    Public Toilets – As demonstrated by S/V Ohana Kai