Trini’s Bug Proofing

The weather is warming up and the bugs are coming out.  Instead of buying expensive screens for our hatches (hundreds of dollars), we decided to make our own for less than $15.

The following items needed to make these screen covers

  • Black screen material from Home Depot
  • An old black rope (ours came with the boat)
  • A sewing machine & black thread

This is what we did to make the screens.

We sized the material over an opened hatch and pinned the seams together.

Pining the screen around the hatch
Pining the screen around the hatch


Then put the rope around the base and pinned it in place.  The rope’s weight keeps the screen on the hatch.

Pins come in handy


I sewed it up and Walla!  A new screen that keeps out mosquitoes, wasps and cockroaches.

Bug Proofed!
Bug Proofed!


This is Bug Proofing on a budget.  We know this works since we had made similar screens for Moorea when we cruised and they stayed on even in windy anchorages.

Fair Winds,

The Domestic Boat Wife