Our Next Adventure on the New Waterhouse

Trini is our new “old” Boat.  A 42′ Whitby Ketch built in 1980.

Trini Starboard view

Compared to Moorea, Trini is roomy.  She has two staterooms and heads.  The galley storage is huge and we even have air conditioning (when plugged into electricity).

Below are is a layout of the boat and a few interior photos.  Click here for more information on our refit.


Galley is small but functional


Navigation Desk
Main Cabin
Aft Cabin
Work bench behind Navigation Desk
Work Bench
Work Bench



  1. This is unreal!…..going back to the days of kids at Eastside Church, work at the Lab with Marsha and Harry in production, selling beds and, now! Who would have thought?
    I enjoy the books

  2. Hi Les,

    Capt. Kelly has come (and gone) a long way but he always remembers his days at the lab as good ones. Thanks for reading the books!

    Kelly (girl)

  3. Kelly & Kelly,
    Love the pictures of your new boat. Very impressive. I read both of your books and absolutely loved them. I was able to get the feel of what it would have been like facing some of the situations you encountered. Especially the big storm on the way to SF – Yikes. I gave a copy of your books to my daughters for Christmas. Happy sailing.
    Mark & Kate

  4. This boat is huge compared to Moorea! Don’t get lost in it…Thanks for posting the blog, good way to be part of the progress.

  5. Hi Mark & Kate!
    Thanks for reading the books. Hope your daughters enjoyed them too.

  6. Hey Don and Anne,

    This boat is a beast compared to Moorea, but she’s a good liveaboard.


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