Toilet Plunger for Laundry & Other Necessities

Why would anyone use a toilet plunger for laundry?  If you don’t have a washing machine, many liveaboards don’t, its the next best thing to agitate your laundry.

Of course the plunger has another use and its not what YOUR thinking!  It can also be used to help scrape the barnacles off the hull of a boat.

Washing clothes with low budget toilet plunger

We used the plunger to as a handle by plunging it to the hull.  It kept us from floating to the top and also marked the last spot we cleaned, which made it easier to find when we came back down from getting air.

Of course, there is also the obvious reason for having a plunger on board.  But we had a separate one for that nasty business.

Many items we have on our vessel will have more than one purpose.  It was a requirement for many items we brought on board since we had limited space.

So in the photo you see the plunger and our small cooler used as the washing container.  Can you guess how many uses we got out of that?

Washer, Cooler, Step & Propane tank storage

Priceless information, I know.