Tips for Tinkling in Toilets Around the World

Be Prepared When Tinkling in Toilets Around the World

We use toilets all the time and don’t think about the potential complications of that function when traveling.  But when it comes to using foreign facilities, the traveler needs to be prepared.

This topic is a tad crude and I will try to be delicate.  But you will need to think of this as practical and necessary advice.  Since “doing your business” in relative comfort while trekking to various destinations throughout the world or even within your own country will make your trip more pleasant.

Like here in the States, I was forced to use my “potty survival” skills last week.  Faced with a rest stop’s facility which lacked toilet paper and paper towels, or ass gaskets (those disposable paper toilet seat covers) to place over the filthy bowl.  I won’t even get into the smells that permeated from the building.  Did I still use the facility?  Yes, because I was desperate.

So below are a few of my tips. Hope you find them useful.

Kelly Girl’s Potty Survival Tips

  • Learn How to Squat – Before leaving on your trip try a few squats over your toilet at home.  This will build up your thigh muscles and teach you to balance while you get the job done.  Also get your derriere as low as you can go.  You may be using a hole in the ground.
  • Know the Word for Toilet– Most places catering to tourists will have the word “toilet” posted, but don’t count on it.  Know how they spell it and say it in those countries.
  • Be Prepared to Pay– Even if you are paying for the use of a toilet, don’t expect it to be equipped and clean.
  • Never Forget to Pack Your Own Toilet Paper (TP) & Baby Wipes– This is a must.  I like to put my toilet supplies in a zip lock baggie because carrying a roll of TP around is bulky.
  • Sometimes there is a horrific smell– I don’t have a tip for this one since nothing can prepare you for that.
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