Thoughts on Living Aboard a Vessel

What is a Live Aboard?  It’s a person that lives full time on boats.

It’s a good life, but it’s not easy.  Conveniences in a house like a laundry room, garage, toilet and central heating aren’t readily available on a boat.

The laundry facilities are a long walk from the boat.  Lugging the dirty linen every week can get tiresome.  The car parked at the marina is exposed to thieves.  The head works on the boat, but if you use it too much the holding tank fills up which means you’ve got to empty it often.  During the winter a boat may have a heating system, but many do not.   If the temperature drops to freezing, the little space heater has a hard time keeping up.

So why would a person become a Live Aboard?  The above inconveniences are nothing when you have the freedom of a boat.  In fact if you don’t like your neighbor, you can instantly move.  That isn’t so easy to do in a house.


Kelly Girl