The Tide is High

When the tide is high, we can sail.  If the tide is low, in our marina, we’re stuck in the mud.

So when our friends from Phoenix, Kathy & Scott came to visit, we were lucky to have a high tide to get out of (and back into) our marina.

Perfect day for a sail
Perfect day for a sail

We love to entertain friends and family on our boat.  Sailing is a an active sport that many people can enjoy.  If you like to hoist sails, tack around or just relax in the cockpit, sailing in a gentle breeze is where it’s at.

Kathy, Kelly & Scott
Kathy, Kelly & Scott

Not only was the tide high, the weather cooperated.  So the stars were aligned for a day on the water.

Kelly Girl at the Helm

This is not a common thing…in fact, in the morning, while we were giving a presentation of our World Circumnavigation to the Lakewood Yacht Club, outside the weather was active with thunder and lightening.

But by 2:00pm we had beautiful skies and 13knots of wind to fill our sails.

Honored to be given a LYC burgee

Being with friends on the water has been some of our fondest memories.  We’re glad Scott & Kathy could be a part of it.

Fairs Winds,

Boat Wife



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