The Pelicans of Seabrook

Around here (in Seabrook, Texas) there are pelican statues of various styles posing through out the small city.  When my parents arrived from Minnesota, we went to  the visitor’s center and found an illustrated book of the 40 pelicans and a map to hunt them all down.

Visitor's center
I like his shirt!

You can also find a list the pelicans and a the map at Seabrook’s Pelican Path Project here. Scene_PelicanMapResize2

The Seabrook’s Pelican Path Project

Driving around to check out the pelicans was a fun way to spend the afternoon and we found other interesting sights in the city, like parks, biking paths, boutiques and new restaurants to try.  Below are some of my favorite Pelicans.

Fair Winds!

From the Pelican Spotting Boat Wife

pelican tourist
Hanging outside my parents hotel
My Dad Posing Next the Cowboy Pelican
More pelicans hanging around


In Honor of Our Heroes


These guys are even well read.  This one’s by the library.

Found by the Library