The Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary

A good cause in the Grenadines…Make sure to go to Bequia Island and visit-

The Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary


Riding our bikes through the tropical countryside of Bequia, we had one goal in mind.  To visit a sea-side shelter that houses Hawksbill turtles.  An effort to keep the endangered species alive, Orton King, a retired skin diving fisherman takes care of these creatures until the age of five.


He gathers hatch-lings and provides pools, sheltering them from predators.  He has about 200 turtles to care for and charges a small fee to visit his sanctuary.  He also will accept donations and sells t-shirts to help support his efforts.


Normally we see turtles floating by as we sail past them or watch them swim while snorkeling.  Having the chance to see at them up close, to touch them and look into their large glasslike eyes makes us appreciate the creatures more.


Turtle Photo Gallery


To arrange a visit or make donations, go to

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