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 Sailing The Waterhouse South Until the Butter Melts…

 starts in Mexico (my first book ends in California) and covers over 35,000 nautical miles on our world voyage.

We visit exotic and new cultures, swim with wild dolphins, learn to surf, tour explosive volcanoes, deal with corrupt officials and experience local traditions. You will learn about our mistakes, fears, triumphs and the costs of this four year odyssey.

This book includes some of our favorite color photos of the places we went and people we met. Read this book and let us take you on our voyage.

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Read the First Book & Learn How We Got Started!


Sailing The Waterhouse: Swapping Turf for Surf

Sailing the Waterhouse;Swapping Turf for Surf

Sailing the Waterhouse; Swapping Turf for Surf is about how we sought more in life than our daily routine.  So we sold our home and possessions for a simpler existence on a 35 foot boat.

We are Kelly and Kelly (Girl)-yes, they have the same names- and we thought the simple life was sailing around the world. But first we had to prepare the boat and ourselves for the voyage.

In two years living dockside, we saved our money for a world adventure while explaining to our doubting family and friends that we weren’t crazy.

This story shares the details of our first ocean passage of 900 nautical miles down the Graveyard of the Pacific to California an the struggles we had to make this dream come true. This is a journey, goes beyond nautical miles. It’s a journey in believing in oneself while facing fear, objection and challenges together.

Amazon ReviewedExcellent! Entertaining as well as informative! Beautiful photos and stories of wonderful adventures on the high seas.
You will love it!

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Paperback $9.95
Ebook $4.99                 

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