The Answer Plus A Snake


This post contains the answer to last week’s post of “What Is It?” and we found a Water Snake.  What Kind?  Who knows.

 An Update and The Answer:

What is it?
What is it?


Last week we asked if anyone knew what this red contraption was.  We weren’t sure it was for a sailboat.

We had some good guesses come our way, but they just didn’t seem to be right.  Then the Captain’s brother, Chris posted our question & photos online.  Nephew, Joey posted the question on Reddit.  The inquiring minds from the Reddit world got involved and provided an answer and photos.

Turns out this is a Universal Mast Base for a Windsurfer….a vintage windsurfer since the design of windsurfers have evolved over the years.

See the part in action!


dufourmast bicdufourbase

Whew!  Mystery solved.

Thanks for the answer guys.


Now the Snake:

The marina is loaded with Hydrilla – a bed of prop-tangling floating foliage.   Turns out it brings in critters.  The other day the Captain walked past a raft of Hydrilla, right next to the dock, and spotted a snake resting on top of it just a few feet away!  (Insert screaming here.)

What kind of water snake is this?


The marina staff said it was a Water Moccasin.  Then said it could jump four-feet.  Of course, a Water Moccasin is poisonous.

We’re not sure if this is a Water Moccasin.  Any snake experts out there?

The Boat Wife…watching where she steps.