Phuket, Thailand (pronounced “poo-ket”), is a paradise with hordes of tourists and locals who maintain their welcoming spirit-Thai people Some are the most gracious people we’ve met.


In 2004, the tsunami had devastated this region and outlying islands.   In 2008, there were few signs that a Tsunami occurred with the exception of signs on shore showing a route to run in order to escape an on surge of water.



Thailand is one of our favorites locations.  The cuisine is amazing and inexpensive.  Our dollars went along way here.  Movies in English are $3 and goods are cheap.


The cruising grounds around the Andaman Coast has a host of island destinations. Karst formations, lime stone cliffs and shrub-topped rock spires make for dramatic scenery as we glide by these massive forms that jut out of the jade green water. These waters are full of activity from the various styles of speed boats that race vacationers to white island beaches, local fishermen in long tail fishing boats make their daily catch and cruisers like us just ghost along in light breezes.

B0000121Phi Phi Leh Island – Where the movie “The Beach” was filmed

During our stay here, we received two visitors from the States. Rutledge (the Captain’s Dad) and his friend, Pat came for a 12 day adventure of sailing, visiting the Buddhist Monasteries, walking beaches and eating Thai cuisine.

B0000313     WAT PHRAMAHATHAT B0000241 B0000211 B0000207B0000272OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFair Winds!






Sailing The Waterhouse