Tanks for Water

One chore on Trini  is filling the fresh water tanks.  We fill the tanks once a month.  Each tank holds about 100 gallons.

Water Tanks
Boat Wife filling the tank – Where’s the Captain

Most of our water usage is for washing dishes or our hands and drinking water.  (We shower at the marina showers).

As I fill the tanks on deck, the Captain monitors the amount below by sticking a dowel in the tank to determine how full it gets.

Water Deck Plate
Water Deck Plate

To make this chore easier, we could hook up a water-line to our boat but this can pose a couple of problems.

  1. If a hose in the water-line breaks, it could flood our boat with water.  So much water our bilge pump wouldn’t keep up, which could sink the boat.
  2. Its another step to unhook the line so we can go sailing.

But if we do decide to make it easier, I wouldn’t want to.   During this chore I get to visit with my dock neighbor, Sasha.  She also diligently supervises our water-filling responsibilities.

Sasha - the Water Works Supervisor
Sasha, The Water Works Supervisor


Have a Great Weekend & Fair Winds!

The Boat Wife – Tankful for Water