Sudan is a sad and war torn country.  Over 20 years of civil war and the on going atrocities of Darfor, the small port town of Saukin was a good representative of the strife these people bare.  We only stayed one day for refueling and topping up our water, but the town was poor and barren of a few necessities.  Drinking water and fresh produce were shipped in from Sudan’s interior.

Having visited poor villages in the past, the sight of run down shacks for housing was familiar, but these people don’t have the lush & nutrient giving vegetation in their back yards like they have in the nations of the pacific, so there is a burden of purchasing most of their food.  Viewing this level of poverty was an eye opener yet again most people were congenial and helpful.


Ruins on the shore entering Saukin anchorage.

village visitWalking to the village with cruiser friends







Men selling their daily catch.


tea shop with wood stove


Tea shop with a wood fire stove to heat the water.  See all the soot on the walls.

curious boys in tea shop

Curious boys in the tea shop.   With one angry word, the man next to them shooshed them out of the shop after I took this picture.  They scattered like scared cats.

Man at fruit stand with gold watchThis man at the fruit stand asked about my camera.  I showed it to him and then he showed me his expensive watch.



These women were selling their beans.  I said hello as Kelly took their photo.  They were not please with him when they realized he got a picture and was given a good scolding.  I felt bad since I asked him to take it.

museum or military fortressMuseum or Military Fort?  Military fort.  The guards on the roof yelled out and a man came out of the front door demanding that we don’t take photos.  He looked like he was going to take our cameras.  I deleted one of the photos along with some of the other cruisers but was able to keep this one.

rad bike

There were a few cool looking bikes that were well taken care of.  A bit of a suprise in a small poor village.