St. Lucia

St. Lucia was just a day sail from Martinique Island.  We anchored in Rodney bay to clear into customs.  The anchorage wasn’t protected, so we had a small swell that rolled the boat.  We didn’t stay long and sailed on.

rodney bay, St. Lucia
Rodney Bay, St. Lucia

Marigot Bay was one of our next stops.  The anchorage was full of luxury yachts.  Surrounding the bay was a tropical forest and expensive homes.  We decided to take a walk of the area.

Marigot Bay
Marigot Bay


Life for the locals isn’t a tropical paradise.  They work hard and poverty is evident.  It must be hard to live near wealth and not have the same opportunities.  This is one reason we were cautious sailing in the Caribbean.

Banana delivery


Off the beaten path
A local man making palm baskets
The eco friendly basket

Music is a way of life – Especially the pans.

Kelly Girl appreciating the pans
Vendor making change
Just hang-in

Sailing past the Piton Points was majestic but we also found the Maltese Falcon.  Not a bird, but the largest sailing private sailing yacht known to man.   Beautiful



St. Lucia is beautiful and worth a longer visit.