Spain, Gibraltar & Canary Islands


We left Italy with speedy intent for we were planning to meet up with our friends from s/v Ohana Kai in Gibraltar.  But Spain has an allure that will keep one eternally satisfied to sit in one spot.  This spot would be the Balearic Islands.

Below are a few photos of our Spain, Gibraltar and Canary Island photos.

Balearic Islands

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Gibraltar, an old story of a country that struggles to keep its independence.  The locals identify with the Brits but has a Spanish influence.  But no one can deny the impressive Rock of Gibraltar.  We climbed to the top.




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web - Gibraltar

Canary Islands

This is where sailors jump off into the Atlantic, a voyage that could our vessel take 20 to 30 days depending on the wind.  web - Graciosa web - Sailing to Canary Islands web - Graciosa anchorage web - Graciosa 4 web - Graciosa 3 web - Graciosa 2

Provisioning for a long passage is a lot of work but also fun!

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I leave you with two photos of our anchorage at Los Palmas – one with gulls and one without.

Fair Winds

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