Society Islands – Three Things Not to Miss

1. Shop in Papeete, Tahiti at the early morning market

Tahiti Market

Get up early (about 5:30 am) to get the ripest fruit, freshest fish and
the  best selection….you are late if you arrive at 7 am.

Tahiti Market 6

Fresh BBQ Sliced Pork

 2. Swim with the Sting Rays on Moorea Island


The Rays come right up to you, seeking food.  If you don’t have any, they won’t hang out with you.  But watching them swim around your legs is amazing.  Check out Tahiti Travel Mate for details.

Moorea Stingray 3


3. Visit the Black Pearl Farms in Bora Bora or just hang out and enjoy the view.

Bora Borea 4

Black pearls B

Black Pearls…Love them!

Bora Bora cannon 2

Hang out, literally, at the WWII canons
that used to protect the entrance of Bora Bora