Consider Visiting the Sinai Peninsula- It has Mysteries in the Desert

Still want to visit Egypt but afraid of the political situation?  Then consider visiting the Sinai Peninsula.  There are many resorts and upscale accommodations in the seaside town of Sharm El Sheikh that cater to westerners.  But the main reason I would recommend the Sinai is the chance to visit St. Catherine’s Monastery.

It is said that this is where Moses received the Ten Commandments.  It is also where all three religions (Judaism, Islam & Christianity)are recognized and is at least represented within the monastery.  Besides the history and beautiful artifacts, you can also stay there.  The accommodations are simple and clean and are available for $15 per night.

One favorite pastime for guests is to climb Mt. Sinai in the early morning hours to where Moses received the 10 commandments and watch the sun rise.  This is a great destination even for those of us not especially religious…but for those that appreciate history and the accomplishments of man.

When visiting this region, do your homework before hand regarding the best way to reach the monastery.   Keep in mind, in this region tipping is expected for simple services and conservative dress, outside of the resort areas, is highly recommended. 

 Here are more photos of the monastery and Sinai.