Sexy Handrails

What is so sexy about handrails?  Nothing…unless you have newly varnished handrails that don’t leak.  Now that’s sexy!

Handrails won’t be in a 40 shades of gray setting (unless they also have straps).  But if your gal is a Boat Wife, (like me) she knows that handrails are sexy because they can keep her safe and it’s something to hold onto while sailing.  How sexy is that?  Sailing in Safety!


Handrails can be found inside the cabin and on deck.  A couple of our handrails on the deck would leak (during sultry thunder storms) into the interior.  One of the leaks happened to be over the Captain’s side of the bunk.

This fix went to the top of the list.

Our deck handrail leaked and needed to be sanded and varnished
Our deck handrail leaked and needed to be sanded and varnished


After taking the rails off the deck, Capt. Kelly sanded them down.  He applied several coats of varnish…about six coats.


Sanded and cleaned. Now ready for varnish.


After prepping the rails, we were ready to install them.  Capt. was on top putting down the bedding compound and the trusty Boat Wife was below to tighten the bolts.


Preparing the surface for the handrail



Installed, the rails look new.


Deck handrail screwed into the bottom handrail


Bottom Handrail. The one that leaked.


The fix worked!  After the first shower, there wasn’t a leak and there hasn’t been one since.



Now the handrails are doing the job they are meant to do.  Isn’t that Sexy!

Fair Winds!

Boat Wife


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