Sewing – Needle Pulling Thread

There are few things I do well.  Sewing is not one of them.  So when a sewing project comes up, I do my best to help Captain Kelly.  He knows more about sewing since his mother sewed and showed him a few things.

I was tired of living with paper shades for over a month and felt it was time to make our own curtains.  The Captain had another plan.  Since this sewing project entailed mostly straight lines, he put me in charge of making the curtains.

I reluctantly took on the challenge and at the same time wanted to get it done as quickly as possible.  So I started sewing at the speed of mach 10.  My lines took on the shape of fish hooks.

A few reminders on how to sew straight lines from the Captain and I was back on task.


Paper Curtain
Paper Shades

I slowed down a bit to make straight lines.

**Safety Point** Slowing the speed of the needle also help keep my fingers from getting too close and caught up in the needle.  😉

Sailrite Sewing Machine, Don’t Leave the Dock Without It
My Masterpiece

This quick project took three days and 26 panels.  Now I have curtains.  Not the fanciest port curtains, but I like them.

Signing off,

The Domestic Sewing Goddess

aka  Boat Wife