Sailing The Waterhouse Book 1

Sailing The Waterhouse: Swapping Turf for Surf

After hosting one candle party, Kelly Girl Waterhouse had enough!  It was time to implement the plan she andher husband were talking about for the last year.  To sell their home, the stuff in it and move onto a boat.

“Why would you sell your home for a boat?”, was the question they would frequently hear from their friends and family.  “We want to sail the world!” would be Kelly Girl’s answer.  “What?” was the typical response.  After that some people thought they were nuts especially since they never sailed on the open ocean before.  But before they could leave on their sailboat, they had to save money for cruising.  That meant living on a 35 foot sailboat for a couple years.

Waterhouse: Swapping Turf For Surf,  reveals the odd challenges they faced with their new dock-dwelling lifestyle
.  After hosting a Bon Voyage party, they left the Straits of Juan De Fuca with wanderlust dreams for a life of pleasure-seeking.  Unfortunately those dreams were tested with unexpected foul weather off the West Coast, also known as the Grave Yard of the Pacific.

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