Land Reality Check – Car vs Boat Maintenance

This week we are taking our van in for an alignment and to fix our A/C.    A necessary and expensive task and one I wish we could put off.  I think of how different our lives are now that we live on land.

Just a couple of years ago, we didn’t have a car.  We relied soley on our 35 foot sailboat and 5 foot dinghy to get us around. Once we were on shore, our legs did most of the work.

But no one really told us how much maintenance was needed to keep a boat shipshape.  During our four year voyage, I thought there would be more time  spent drinking margaritas at sunset and taking naps during the heat of the day.  I couldn’t be more wrong.

Around noon, you would find us decked out in our scuba gear.  Once a week the task of scraping the bottom of the hull was mandatory.  Seagrass, barnacles and thumbnail-sized shrimp would attach to our boat’s bottom.  Get a breath of air, dive, scrape and go up for air.  The two of us would repeat this for an hour until the hull was clean.

Once the job was done we would itch all over.  The shrimp would wiggle in our swimsuits and our knuckles bled.  They would be cut up from the sharp barnacle edges.

This wasn’t an easy part of cruising.  Nor is the bi-annual boat painting.

Every two years, we would haul out, Moorea onto land.  She would need a new paint job.  It was expensive and to save money we would do the labor.  This dirty and hard work.

So knowing what I know about the cruising life, would I do it again?  Without hesitation!







Kelly Girl