Rainfall – Houston vs. Seattle

Every other week it seems like rain is in our Houston area forecast.  So it begs the question…Does it rain more in Houston or  Seattle (where we used to live)?

Marina Rain
Rain Cloud Form Over our Marina

According to this site….Average Annual Precipitation by City

Houston Gets  More Rain!

149 Days of Rain 37.7 inches

104 Days of Rain 49.8 inches

But Seattle has the reputation of a rainy city.  Our observation is that Seattle has more “drizzle” rain days – 149 in fact.  Where as the rain in Houston, like a NFL Line Backer, hits you hard and fast.

Driving the glistening streets of Houston, we compare our rain experiences in the two cities.  When we arrive at the marina, we stop the car, open our umbrellas and race back to the dry, comfy boat.

Driving in the RainApril Showers Bring May Flowers

Fair Winds!

Boat Wife

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