Our First Winter Living on a Boat

I will never forget our first winter living on Moorea.  It was cold!  Normally the briny waters in the marina would not crust over with ice.  In our area it would rarely drop to freezing temperatures long enough to make a crunchy layer on the water.

So we didn’t expect it to be too cold…we were wrong.  Since we both worked full-time and had an hour commute, we were away from our boat all day.  I was the one to come home first.  Many nights it was just below freezing outside and inside the temps were in the mid-thirties.

To warm up the cabin, I would turn on two small space heaters then start the oven to bake bread I had bought at the store.  Then I would curl up under layers of blankets waiting for my husband to return.  When he came through the cabin hatch, he would say it was cold with an interior temperature of 57 degrees.    Eventually the cabin would get up to 62 degrees.

When it was time for bed, our stateroom (bedroom) would be in the mid-forties as we crawled into the sheets.  We brought only one space heater into the stateroom due to the lack of floor space for it to rest upon.  Both of us would be wearing caps to bed and long johns.

These are some of the experiences, but check out the short video below.  It shows the icy docks and boat.  It was very slippery walking from and to our vessel.  Like I said, I will never forget our first winter living on Moorea.

Fair Winds,

Kelly Girl



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