Old or New Boat? Doesn’t Matter, It Still Needs Fixing Up.

When it comes to selecting your vessel to cruise around in… the age really doesn’t matter.

You still need to get her ready for cruising and keep it in tip top shape.

Here are some advantages to purchasing an old boat…

  • You can get one with essential equipment already installed on it.  (Radar, Water-maker, Radios, Life raft)
  • It’s been tested.  You can find out what are the problem areas on your boat by checking blog sites or old boat forums
  • The cost is less than a new boat.

Advantages to purchasing a new boat…

  • You can outfit it with the equipment you want.
  • It will have a boat warranty
  • Less wear and tear on the vessel


tiolet-newPick the right boat that fits your needs, either day sailor, coastal cruiser or offshore voyager.  But remember keeping boats maintained is constant work, no matter the age of the boat.  We met a cruising family out of Holland that purchased and outfitted a new steel boat.  They were surprised at how much time and money it took to keep it running.  “It’s one reason I bought a new boat.  I didn’t want to repair it.” was what the owner told Kelly, as they were fixing a leak to his inboard motor shaft.

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