Ocean Crossings, A Messy Business

Kelly and I like to keep our vessel in tip-top shape especially during an ocean voyage.  But there are times when that is impossible.

Take for example an ocean passage from Thailand to the Maldives.  We had an urgent project on our hands.

The head vent (then vent from the toilet vents out the stinky smells) was working overtime.  We were sailing down wind and the bow was driving through the waves causing some sea-water to go down the vent and into the toilet’s holding tank (it holds all of our waste). All we could smell was sewage.

The smell was sickening.  So we decided to plug the hose.    The hose is located under our berth, which has extra clothes, sails, inflatable kayak stored around the hose.  We had to take everything out to get to the hose.

The cabin was a mess….see for yourself




I am in the middle of the fray.

But ocean passages can be  wonderful too!


Visitors stop by…..some you like  


and some you keep
an eye on to make sure they don’t run you over

But the best part of an ocean passage are the sunsets.


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