New Zealand

New Zealand is a popular stop for cruisers.  We spent six months in New Zealand to wait out cyclone season before heading back to the Polynesian islands.

NZ-RainbowDuring our long stay we bought a used car for $1200 to get us around and I picked up a side job at an adventure park.

With our car we had many opportunities to see the country side of New Zealand and when family came to visit a chance to show them around too.

Here are some of our favorite spots.

Rotorua – A stinky place

Sitting on a Volcanic Plataea, this small city has a sulphuric smell, bubbling mud pits, hot springs and a active Maori culture.

Rotorua 017 Rotorua 018jlkhj 023 jlkhj 004

Hobbiton – The movie set

Where Lord of the Rings was filmed.  The town of Hobbiton still had some of the structures up for movies buffs to explore.  We danced under the Grand town’s tree.  Now we’ve heard Hobbiton is more magical after filming the Hobbit since they left the set in tact.  We would like to go back!

Hobbiton (4) Hobbiton (11) Hobbiton (19)

Waitomo – Glow Worms

Here you can visit caves and float in the underground river to view the worm’s glow.

Waitomo (46) Waitomo (42)

Whangarei – (pronounced Phangaray)

Beautiful falls and a nice river side marina for our boat.

Whangarei Falls (5) Waitomo (41)

Great Barrier Island

Great place for tramping (hiking), more hot springs and finding blue mushrooms.

NZ-Great-Barrier-Bridge NZ-Hot-Spring NZ-Hobbit-Mushroom

Tasman Sea

White beaches, clear blue water and space to roam.

Ocean Beach (50) Ocean Beach (72)Tasman Sea (15)

Kauri Trees

Standing over 50 meters tall (about 150 feet) these trees rule the forest.

K Trees (1) K Trees (19) K Trees (24)





We pulled out our boat to repaint our hull.

NZ-Moorea-on-Hardand when it was time to leave, we sold the car for about $800 and left for Fiji.

New Zealand 077




Sailing The Waterhouse