Mud Bug Season!

To liven up this blog and to avoid some boat projects, or what I think of as “hard labor” imposed by the Captain, I am starting an Around Here topic.  A topic I had copied from my older sister’s blog (goshery).

The location Around Here is the Houston Bay Area.  An area described as the Redneck Riviera.  So…

Around Here:  Mud Bugs are in Season

For about $4.99 to $6.99 per pound, many local restaurants are serving up crawfish.  Boiled in seasoning, served with a side of Cajun seasoning and melted butter, these little guys are sweet and delicious.

But if you are squeamish about touching your food or looking into the eyes of the critter before you rip off it’s tail and shell to eat the meat, then suck the head…well, this isn’t the dish for you.

I’ve heard locals say the first part of the season had big crawfish since we had a few warm weeks.  As the weather cools, the crawfish get smaller.  So these guys are a little small since we had some cold days this week.  But I look forward to trying this local delicacy while I can.

Mud Bugs - aka Crawfish
Mud Bugs – aka Crawfish


Swamp Shack is where we got our Mud Bugs.  Very tasty.

Local favorite
Swamp Shack – Good food & has live entertainment

The restaurant overlooks the Kemah Boardwalk Marina and on busy weekends you can hear the screams from people riding the roller coaster (in the background) at the Kemah Boardwalk.

Fair Winds,

Boat Wife

Kemah Boardwalk Marina