Losing the Excess Pounds!

Time to shed some extra weight.  We’re getting rid of the stuff that we’ve accumulated to move onto our boat full time.

The condo we have now is small, less than 960 square feet.  But while living on shore for the past 5 years we’ve accumulated a lot of stuff.

Beds, furniture, nick-naks and other items we hope to sell on Craigslist.  If we don’t the remaining items will be donated.  But its not just furniture we need to get rid of, it’s papers, magazines, books, kitchen gadgets, and the all the odds and ends like White-Elephant gifts we’ve received or all the hair and cleaning products we don’t use  that end up cluttering closets and cabinets.

I have a plastic shower cap from a hotel we stayed at over ten years ago, still in it’s packaging.  I can’t seem to get rid of it.  All of these items with all their volume and weight won’t fit on the boat.

Now we must mentally prepare ourselves to downsize and shed the stuff we don’t need so we can transition back into a cruiser lifestyle.

No More…Couches


Now We’ll have..a Boat Settee to stretch out on (After I update the upholstery)

Boat Couch that needs new upholstery
Gone is the Spacious Refrigerator (I will miss my you!)


My new frig is cooler sized and deep


Forget the Automatic Dishwasher


I’ll hand wash the dishes (good bye my pretty nails)

Kelly girl

No one said this life will be easy, but its the one we want.


We’ll keep you posted on this transition onto Trini!










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