Living On Boats


Living On Boats is a Simple but Can be a Hard Life
Marina living is easier than life on the hook (anchored in a bay).  The simple truth is living  in a marina or on the hook is more challenging than living in a house or an apartment on land.

In a marina you have a long way to walk from your car to your boat.  There’s no garage connected or near the boat and your car is exposed in a parking lot (in Washington our car’s been broken into a couple of times).  Hauling groceries and other supplies is more work when walking long docks.  The positive side you have access to fresh water, electricity,  laundry and shower facilities.

Life on the hook, means living off the grid.  Your car is your dinghy, you’re exposed to the weather and tidal currents.  Conserving water and fuel is a requirement.

But if you like a break from the frenzy of land life, give boat living a try.  There are many challenges to living on boats but many more rewards, like million dollar views and you can always move your boat if you don’t like your neighbor.

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Oh, about the duck infestation. Check out what happened to us.

Way to many eggs!



Side Note:  This is how we tie off our boat.

Learn to tie off a boat & coil the rope


Make sure you have enough lines to secure your boat when or if you leave for long periods of time.

Keep the boat tied up
Keep the boat secure for potentially bad weather


Dock carts are a boaters friend.

Dock carts are handy
Dock carts are handy

Keep the boat tied up using bow, aft and spring lines