Kelly Girl

Kelly Girl hiding in the Galley Frig


Kelly “Girl” Waterhouse grew up in Minnesota, practically in the middle of a corn field next to one of the 10,000 lakes in the state.  Shortly after college, she relocated to Seattle, Washington. That is where she met a man named Kelly, who became her husband and taught her how to sail in the briny waters of the Puget Sound. Shortly after their wedding, they decided to live a simpler life.  They sold their possessions to buy a boat with a goal to sail around the world.

Kelly Girl writes about their adventures in two novels.

Sailing The Waterhouse Swapping Turf for Surf
Sailing The Waterhouse Until the Butter Melts


Sailing The Waterhouse- Swapping Turf for Surf

In her first book, Sailing The Waterhouse; Swapping Turf for Surf you will read about their struggles living in a marina on a 35 foot boat while planning their adventure to sail the world.  People thought they were crazy!  Because even though they knew how to sail, they never sailed in the open ocean or beyond the sight of land.



Her second travel journal, Sailing The Waterhouse South Until the Butter Melts is the story of their voyage.

Starting in Mexico, this travel memoir covers over 35,000 nautical miles, to 30 countries -Visiting exotic and new cultures, swimming with wild dolphins, learning to surf, touring explosive volcanoes, dealing with corrupt officials and experiencing local traditions. You will learn about their mistakes, fears, triumphs and the costs of their four year odyssey.

This book includes some of their favorite color photos of the places the went and people they met. Read this book and let them take you on their voyage.

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