The coastal waters of Italy is vast and the few months we spent only covered a portion of the country.  We spent our time harbor hopping along the heel of the boot with a few weeks on the eastern side to visit Rome (by train).  We had a quick stop in Sicily along with a few Italian islands.


Two days in Rome doesn’t do the ancient city justice.  But we hit many highlights of the city with our friends, Stephen & Yvonne along with the other throngs of tourists.


The famous Trevi Fountain

?????????????????????????????????????????The hordes of tourists looking at the Trevi Fountain.

The Amalfi Coast almost did us in while we sailed along with our friends Stephen & Yvonne visiting from Arizona.  A quick squall whipped up wind and a sea state that was forcing us on a lee shore.  Luckily it didn’t last more than an hour and we found refuge in a small marina.

Our land tour of the Amalfi Coast.  Again, throngs of tourists waiting for buses & the gray sky.

What surprised us  was the sluggish transit system; many times we were delayed. However the Italians seem to take it all in stride. I guess that’s the way of life, just enjoy the moment.

So have a slice of pizza (the best we’ve had ever), a cappuccino or strohl along the quay in the evenings heat with the Italians enjoying a gelato.  I wouldn’t hesitate at another chance to sail along Italy’s coast.

Enjoy the photos…

Free quay in Brindisi
Fountain in Solerno
Pompeii Kitchen
Ischia Island
Capri Island – Gardens