In the Middle of the Ocean with No Doctor

The Healthy Cruiser’s Handbook is a must have in your cruising library.  

There is not a doctor or hospital when you are hundreds of miles into your offshore passage or when anchored at a

hchbremote bay.  So this book is a valuable resource and must have in your cruising library.

It covers what you should pack in a first-aid kit and is very specific to common ailments cruiser’s experience.  These include how to treat swimmer’s ear, reef cuts and even a not so pleasant topic, traveler’s diarrhea.

When in Mexico we picked up many of the recommended medications that were over-the-counter in the pharmacia’s versus getting a doctor’s prescription in the States for the same items.  I would take this book into town and have the pharmacist look at the name of the medication.  They were able to get the right items for me.  Then I highlighted in the book the medications I purchased for easy reference when it was needed.  The most helpful item was a powder-form anti-biotic we used for reef cuts we got from surfing.

The best part, I’ve seen this book for sale on Amazon “used” for under $2.00.

Fair Winds,

Kelly Girl