How to Read A Nautical Chart


How-to-read-naut-chartTo keep with the Cruising Library theme, I have another recommendation.  In the day and age of electronic charts, How to Read a Nautical Chart (2nd Edition), is good companion to have on board.  Nigel Calder, is well respected within the cruising community.  Many of his books I have recommended because they teach novice sailors skills and are excellent guides for experienced sailors.


How to read a nautical chart has been updated to include electronic charts, but also covers paper charts too.  Knowing how to read a paper chart is a vital skill to have for the simple reason that electronics can fail.  It has happened to us where our computer screen went blank.  We found a small saltwater leak that got onto our computer.  We pulled out our chart and plotted our way to the destination.


But here is another reason for knowing how to read a paper chart; it gives you a better comparison with scale and your location than an electronic chart.


Check it out on Amazon.  It’s a good price.