Does Living On a 35 Foot Boat Interest You?

Think of all the stuff you own in a house like your closet stuffed with clothes or the queen  sized (or smaller) bed with all the linen, blankets and pillows for it. Do you have  dressers?  Is there a couch or love seat, dining set, computer, big screen TV with gaming counsel in your home?  Let’s not forget about the washing machine and dryer.


Now think of how you would put all of what you own onto a oval-shaped sailboat, about 35 feet in length and 11 feet wide. You can’t.  Well maybe you can.. but we couldn’t.



Okay, you don’t have to put your couch or bed on the boat for boats that you can live on, like our Dufour 35.  It would have a built in couch (called a settee) usually with a dining table next to it. (Think salon as a combination of living room and dining room).  There is also a build in bed (called a berth).  It would also come with dressers (actually we call them cubbies or cubby) where you can stow your stuff.

Our boat had one Stateroom.  Stateroom, (like a master bedroom) sounds lavish but it’s smaller than most walk-in closets.




The Salon combines living and dining space.


Another picture of the Salon.  You’ll also find settee benches with a dining table.




The Head (bathroom) is small.  But ours had a large sink.  The sink handle pulls out and can be used as a shower. We opted to use the showers provided by the marina.


The toilet doesn’t flush.  There is a handle on the side that hand-pumps the waste out of the toilet.



The Galley (kitchen) is small too.  There isn’t a large refrigerator.  Instead there is an icebox, about the size of a beer cooler, where you can store your cold items.



This view is looking into the cabin from the cockpit.



As a Live Aboard you have waterfront living or “Floating Condo”.  One big benefit to all of this, if you don’t like your neighbors you can move your house.  But there are many benefits to living on a boat and a few things that are sacrificed…like a washer and dryer or garage.

If this life interests you, I encourage you to try it.

Everett Marina - Our view from our slip. Lived on board for 2.5 year before cutting the dock lines