Greece has many islands only a few nautical miles from Turkey so island hopping from one country to the next was a short sail. Unfortunately we didn’t find much wind and were motoring more than usual which means we are filling up the gas tanks more often. With diesel prices at $10 USD/gallon our fuel spending has increased dramatically.

The history, culture, food and people are a delight to experience, but the Euro exchange rate against the US dollar hurts the pocket book. $1.60 EU to $1 US. So we are visiting this place on a shoe string and enjoying the natural beauty of the Mediterranean.

Trizonia Island – One of our favorite stops because it had a free marina.  The marina was run by the government who had abandoned it.   Its falling apart but good enough to tie up to and visit the village.

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The terrace on this home had plumbs, a citrus tree, grapes along with all the follows and a shady spot to look over the marina.

?????????????????????? ???????????????Athens – If in Greece one must stop in Athens.  Getting around the city to visit the historical sites was easy with the metro system.

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The village of Stefanos, Corfu Island
The village of Stefanos, Corfu Island