Got a Cold Boat? Make Bread!


On a boat, when its cold outside, its cold inside.  The other morning the temp in our cabin was just under 49 degrees.

temp 48

What does a boat wife do to quickly heat up her boat?  Turn on the space heater and make bread.

I haven’t made bread in years.  So a cold day was my opportunity to perfect my bread making skills.  The recipe I used was from my Vegan Plant cook book.

A Rustic Peasant Loaf was the ideal recipe since I felt like a peasant trying to keep warm over a flimsy space heater.


After pulling out the ingredients, making the dough and kneading for  8-10 minutes, I started to warm up.

I then had to let the dough rest & rise for up to two hours.

After two hours, I shaped it.  Surprisingly the dough was soft and easy to shape.  I must be doing something right!


I was able to make two loafs.  One turned out larger than the other…rookie mistake.



I had to bake each loaf for 45 minutes.


bread bake

The oven could only fit in one loaf at a time.  But I was able to get a few potatoes in too.




Doesn’t it look rustic!


I let it rest before cutting.  The first loaf was a little dense.  The second larger loaf was more light.  Overall it was a tasty treat.

The best part.  When all was said and done, the boat warmed up to a balmy 68 degrees.

Temp 68

This week promises to bring even more cold weather. So I will be testing out some new recipes for the oven.  With luck my propane tanks will last through my baking spree.

Happy Baking!

From the Boat Wife