Bula, Bula is a greeting of Fiji and it is used frequently when walking in the city of Suva or a small island.  Their welcoming spirit is the essence of the Fijian people.

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However, there is trouble in paradise.  Fiji is a country of coups that has a struggle between two groups, the indigenous Fijians and Indian-Fijians.  When the coups occur, tourism suffers, which is the main income.

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Government Officials – Immigration, Customs, Agriculture Check us into Fiji

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Kava is a show of respect to the Indigenous-Fijians.

Suva 060 - CopyVisitors to these islands must bring Kava (a root ground up to make a body numbing drink) and present this root to the Chief, requesting permission to anchor in the villages bays. If he accepts the Kava he also provides protection to his visitors.

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Mother’s of students keeping the flies away from the desserts

A Country of many Treasures

Suva Food
sweet & spicy
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Sonics Fan

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Sailing The Waterhouse