Explore the Remote Makemo Atoll – If you can

Makemo is a part of the Tuamotus Archipelago is located in French Polynesia.  

This is a very remote place with few places to stay.  But if you will be in French Polynesia, make Makemo a place to stop.

The Tuamotus  are a chain of  72 atolls.  An atoll consists of low lying, coral islands that surround a lagoon.  Normally we can see an island in the Marquesas with it’s mountainous range 30-40 miles before reaching it.  With the Tuamotus, on a clear day, the atoll is visible within 8-10 miles.



This is a quiet destination made for lovers of the sea.  It’s best asset is crisp-clear blue water to snorkel through the vibrant colors of coral and fish.  We anchored in 40 feet and could see our anchor on the floor bed.

For the more athletic.  There are a few breaking waves to surf and bring your gear for kite-surfing.

In the Village…

There is a restaurants, small store and bakery.  Check out the small church decorated in shell chandeliers with plain wooden benches and bright cloth panels.

You may be able to buy or trade for black pearls, the main industry on this island.

In the evenings the locals play bocce ball and the children play tag in the town square.

A visit here will allow you to slow your pace and relax in one of the most untouched tourist locations in French Polynesia. 

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