Egypt is mystifying with its history and current events.  Kelly and I had the good fortune of visiting many historical sites with Kelly’s (the captain) Aunt Jana.  She had visited this country years ago and knew where to go and what to see.

kelly & Jana

Throughout Egypt there are many sacred Christian sites.  In Sinai is the burning bush and where Moses brought down the 10 commandments.


St. Catherines is an ancient monastery at the base of Mt. Sinai where Moses brought down the 10 commandments and the site of the burning bush. May-24-2008-122_edited-1

Visitors from around the world make a pilgrimage to the burning bush shown in this picture.

May-24-2008-223_edited-1Awad, our guide on the far right, was our tour guide for the Sinai.  We also had a driver named Muhammad (middle) and our body guard (on left) is mandatory on the Sinai Peninsula for Jews and Americans.  He hid his semi-automatic under his jacket.


In the Sinai, we visited a Bedouin camp, had tea and a camel ride.

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We transited part of the Suez Canal with Aunt Jana from Suez City to Ismailia.  In Ismailia we moored Moorea in a small marina and met a driver who took us to Cario.  About an hour’s drive.

Our experience of Egypt was enhanced with the tours Aunt Jana purchased through  MISR travel.  But when Kelly and I had to deal with port agents (we were required to check in and out of each Egyptian Port we entered) there were added fees and hard to leave when we wanted.  The Suez Canal pilots we had to use to guide our boat were corrupt, so our experience with government officials wasn’t good.

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