5 Things to Know When Eating Street Food

When traveling abroad one of the most memorable experiences is the local cuisine.  To get the local fare, make sure to go beyond the tourist sites and find where the natives eat which may mean eating Street Food.

1.       It’s Authentic Cuisine

No one is catering to your foreign tastes like tourist hotels do.  Instead these street vendors are making the tasty food to satisfy their customers which are the locals.

2.       The Price is Right

The price will not be grossly inflated.

3.       You are Mixing with the Locals

This is one way to strike up a conversation with the locals.  Even if you are in a country where you don’t speak the language, in my experience I have found one or two fellow customers wanting to engage in a conversation.

4.       It Supports Local Business

Your business will help support the local economy.

5.  Chances are You Won’t get Sick

If you pick a vendor that looks busy and appears to be hygiene conscious like wearing a hat to hold in hair or has their cold food cold and their hot food hot, you should be okay.  At least that has been my experience when eating Street Food.  If the local guy is getting his customer’s sick, he would be out of business.