Dumpster Diver

Captain Kelly will proudly tell you he is a dumpster diver.

He often finds treasure from trash.

Dumpster Diver

Shown here he found a canvas boat cover.  It smells musty.  Has mold growing on it.  But he sees potential.

dd3This is how he convinces me it’s worth keeping.  Wash it, cut away the mold and save the good material along with the elastic and snaps.  He tells me, “Kelly Girl, I could make covers for our grill, helm, and winches! ”

Please note:  If I weren’t with him when he found his trash treasure, he wouldn’t tell me about it until I found it on our boat piled along with his other dumpster finds.

DD 2I concede with the condition that he put it to use right away, which he actually did.  Two days later, I found him with the material making a cover for our sailing dinghy mast.

dd3See how moldy this thing is…

DD 4

True to his word, he gets out our Sailrite sewing machine.


Stitches the cover..dd6

and Voila!   His beautiful cover gleaned from trash.


And here sits the rest of the material (still has the moldy part) in a pile, waiting for his next inspiration.  (The next post on this may take a few months…)dd9Fair Winds!

Kelly Girl







Sailing The Waterhouse



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