Our stay in Trinidad was for only 5 days.  Flying from Oregon were the Captain’s Dad, Rutledge, his girlfriend, Lori and friend Pat.


Left to Right: Kelly (girl), Pat, Captain, Rutledge, Lori

They wanted a bit of the cruising life.  Their plan was to fly to Trinidad and sail with us to Curacao (ABC Islands).

But first we had to party!  It was Kelly Girl’s 39th Birthday in February, just in time for some Carnival festivities.


Carnival in Trinidad is fun however crime and muggings are rampant so tourists be aware.  Its a beautiful island with good people living a vibrant culture.

Trinidad Mural


We sailed through the Serpents Mouth.  Choppy & confused seas through this pass caused a few of our crew to get seasick.  But once they night fell we settled into an overnight passage to Venezuela.

Serpent’s Mouth