Cruising Tips – Going Ashore

Though cruising is a simple life it can be hard work at times.  (Not like digging a ditch hard…more like, “I have to eat another meal of grilled Mahi-Mahi” hard).

image015Below are some tips when going ashore

Bring a backpack and fill it with a few basics…

  • Drinking water
  • Pack-towel
  • Snacks like a granola bar or  nuts
  • Toilet paper and wet wipes or hand sanitizer (some places just don’t have TP available for your bumm)
  • Map if you have one and a sense of humor if you get lost
  • Canvas bags to fill up with groceries
  • The local money.  FYI-Even though it has bright pinks and yellows in the currency, its not play money.  🙂
  • Paper & pen to write down a few words of the language, directions, general information, etc.
  • Hat
  • Camera!

Securing your dinghy…


  • If leaving it on the beach, make sure it is far up on the beach so the tide won’t take it away.  Another trick is to put out a dinghy anchor if you are not sure how high the tide goes.
  • Bring a lock and extra long cable for securing it to a pier or dock
  • This is seldom, but it does happen in popular spots, pay a local to watch your dinghy if you can’t secure it or think it might get stolen. (Don’t over pay).
  • Just an FYI, in most places our dinghy was fine, but it has been know in certain places for motors and/or dinghies do get stolen.  If there are other cruisers in the area, ask what they’ve heard about the area.


Around Town…

  • Wear good shoes, you may be walking far when you get lost. 
  • Talk to locals.  Even if you don’t speak the language, someone might speak yours.
  • Ask how to say Hello and Thank you in their language.  That will go along way.
  • Remember your are a savvy traveler, you need to be aware of your surroundings.  This will help keep you safe and have fun.



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