Cook Islands

Rarotonga Island

Cook Islands are only a five day sail from Bora Bora.  Another beautiful island nation but it did have something over French Polynesia.  We could speak the language the locals used.

IMG_3540This may sound very “American” but at this point of our trip, we enjoyed speaking English and learning about the Polynesian culture.

The main island is Rarotonga.  We anchored in the harbor, but it was a spider web of lines that kept us facing the ocean.  It was an unprotected anchorage, but fortunately the weather was decent during our stay there.


Rarotonga HarborWe spent 2 weeks  in Rarotonga.  We learned how to scuba dive for $360 (included equipment, training and certification) and  we also enjoyed their Constitution Day celebration

festival  The cultural fair exhibited local crafts and arts, musics and dancing.  In the evenings there was the dance and choral competitions, where the islands competed with each other.





We rented a motorcycle and toured the whole island in a few hours.

K&K Rarotonga


Palmerston Island

We took on a couple of hitch hikers to the Palmerston Island.  The only way to get their was by boat.  The Canadian couple we met didn’t want to wait the two weeks for the supply ship that visits the island, so we sailed them over.

Cook Island HitchersThe gal was sea-sick for the two day passage, but didn’t complain.  When we got to Palmerston, we learned about the island and it’s occupants.

PalmerstonThe island is the descendants of one man named Marters.  He had married three Polynesian women and placed them on a deserted island.  The children he had with these women were used to work his Copra plantation.  Now there are 63 family members still living on this remote island.  Once a month a supply ship picks up the fish they sell and drops off supplies.


We Visited the School

Palmerston school 2
School House

 The Family Graveyard

Palmerston Ancestors

Palmerston ancestors


And were guided around the island by the some of the children.

Our Palmerston guides

Palmerston kid Palmerston pig Palmerston kid coconut

The Cook Islands are underrated.  I wished we have more time to explore more of the islands in the group.  We would have spent more time at Palmerston, but there wasn’t a protective anchorage and the weather wasn’t cooperating, so we left after a day.  In fact, the wind came up in our anchorage overnight and was pushing us onto the reef.  It took us over an hour to free our anchor and sailed on to Niue.


More photos of the Cooks Ilsands

Purcased fresh fruie
Purchased fresh fruit
Took a cruise around the island
Took a cruise around the island with cruisers
Fishing boat
Fishing boat
Checking out their catch
Checking out their catch