Cockpit Teak Tearout

Trini still has a few leaks to work on. Our project this week was to tackle the old teak in the cockpit.  In hard rain, water would drip down into our engine room and sea locker.



We had two options to fix this.
Option One:  Replace the old teak with new.  Not only is it  labor intensive and an expensive option, we would need to varnish the teak and maintain it annually.

Option Two: Pull up the teak, seal up the holes with epoxy then prime and paint where the teak once was.  Little to no maintenance afterward.

We picked option two.

Pulling up the teak
Pulling Up the Teak
Finding a Healthy Layer of Mud Under It


Once the teak was up and the benches cleaned, Capt. Kelly sealed each hole with epoxy to keep the rain out.  There were a lot of holes to seal.



After two coats of primer and a coat of sanded paint. (The sand is to prevent slipping when standing on the seats.)  The cockpit was ready to go.  So we took our friends, visiting from Phoenix, Kathy & Scott for a sail in Galveston Bay.

One item we will add are cockpit cushions to make it a more comfy ride.

Kathy & Capt. Kelly enjoying the cockpit
Scott enjoying the bow

Sailing Happy!

The Boat Wife

Kathy & the Boat Wife (Kelly)